The World Story Book (#WorldStoryBook) is a project designed to create a novel drawing upon the talents of dozens of authors from around the world.
As creator and primary administrator of the project, I, Edge O. Erin, (
https://www.edgeoerin.com/) , enlist authors, accept submissions, and provide oversight & basic editing.
Beyond providing the opening paragraph – and occasionally wading in to stitch parts of the story together – other writers carry the literary baton.
This initiative will afford a plethora of writers a chance to contribute to something greater than themselves. It is not about profit. Beyond having one’s name attached to the work, no one should expect to make any money from the first version of the World Story Book.
When the book is written, editors and artists will work their magic, and a kind and fortunate publisher will bring it to market. All profits will go to charity. The WWF and The Thin Green Line Foundation will be the primary beneficiaries, but a minimum of three others will be voted on by those who have contributed to the World Story Book.
The World Story Book has the potential to be a transformative endeavor, bringing writers and cultures together from disparate parts of the globe. Let’s face it; not many writers have their work published, and still fewer individuals make a living from writing. This book will instill confidence, inspire imagination, promote cooperation, and – potentially – launch careers. The World Story Book also presents a medium to become part of something collaborative and symbiotic; we are more than the sum of parts.

Story excerpts at: https://ko-fi.com/edgeoerin/posts

A Version 2, plus a World Story Book Young Adult and a Philippines Story Book (by Filippino writers, primarily for a Philippino audience) are also underway. Join this exciting project, or wait for – and purchase – the books!