The Cover of the Book!

Many thanks to Graphic Designer, Tamanna Quddus. You can find Tamanna on Twitter @QuddusTamanna. After a summer hiatus, we will soon be continuing the book. Borneo, here we come!

Chapter 2 in Arabic!

Asiel R. Lavie has translated Chapter Two of the World Story Book YA edition into Arabic! It’s on the Arabic page. You can also check out Asiel’s writing at:

WSB Chapter 7 (free)

Visit to read the unedited version of Chapter Seven of The #WorldStoryBook!

March 20, 2021 update

A #WorldStoryBook backstory (for WSB character Sizwe Bhengu) has been placed on World Story Book ( It joins backstories for Black-Hat and Abdul Abadi. #WorldStoryBookYA (for young adults) is drawing attention. The English translation of the #PhilippinesStoryBook, Chapter 1, has been posted. Accepting submissions for #WSB2 (World Story Book, Version 2).

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Welcome to the Home Page of the World Story Book! Stay tuned for developments, and we ask for your patience as we get this site up to speed.Submissions being accepted for Version 2 as well as for the Philippines Story Book!